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Ash Scattering Mishaps and How to Avoid Them!

Ash Scattering Gone Wrong!

No one wants to re-enact the scene above from "The Big Lebowski". Here are some tips to help you avoid a memorable "for the wrong reasons" experience with your loved ones remains.

  • First rule of scattering by hand; STAND UPWIND or you will be wearing your loved one! An easy way to test is grab a handful of grass, sand or soil and extend your arm at about head height and release. This will show you wind direction.

  • For an even release of remains, do not pour from the plastic bag that remains come from the crematory in. Instead put remains in a rigid container so that you have more control over the rate they are coming out.

  • Be careful if you are scattering over the edge of a cliff. Aside from the obvious reason that you are standing at the edge of something very high, the winds along mountain sides and the face of cliffs can be tricky, trust us!

Biodegradable urn for ash scattering
  • Biodegradable urns for water scatterings can present a problem, if you do not READ ALL of the instructions. Some of these urns are made from a paper mache type of substance and are designed to float gently until they absorb enough water to slowly sink out of sight. When placing the remains in the paper mache container, use the plastic bag that comes with the urn and POKE some holes in the bag so that it can fill and sink. Nothing spells disaster like hiring a boat for a scattering ceremony, placing the urn in the water and then watching it float and float and float because you have a plastic airbag filled with your loved ones remains and then you start watching the clock because your time for your charter is running out as your loved one floats on.

  • Air release ash scattering, please leave this to a professional pilot OR make sure you have someone who can perform the release and leave the flying to the pilot. Trying to pilot an aircraft AND accomplish an ash scattering cost one man, from the U.K., his life when his aircraft went down in the Gulf of Thailand.

  • Scattering in public places such as Disneyland; the municipal opera; major league sporting arenas and most any other highly trafficked public location is illegal. With so many surveillance cameras around, it is highly probable that you will be seen, and possibly ticketed or arrested. Additionally, when possible, the remains of your loved one will be vacuumed up and will NOT spend eternity in that location.

When in doubt do some research online, contact your local funeral home or crematory or you can always send questions us at International Scattering Society!

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