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Her Final Wish was for her Husband's Final Wish

Ash scattering at Stonehenge World Heritage Site in England

Occasionally we hear questions and comments such as, "You get paid to scatter someone else's ashes? The family doesn't do it?" And the answer is YES! That is precisely the reason International Scattering Society came into existence. Most families contact us months or years after their loved one has passed and their grief has subsided. When families bring their loved one home from the funeral home or crematorium, the act of ash scattering can bring them closure and complete the ritual of saying good bye. However, for some, the ash scattering may be difficult due to the freshness of their grief or the suddenness of the the event.

Keeping your loved one close is a natural response to grief prompting many to keep an urn on the mantle or sometimes tucked away in a bedroom closet. We had a request from an elderly lady who had lost her husband 11 years prior to contacting us. His urn had been close to her for years, providing a comfort that he was always near. At the time that Mrs. Young reached out to us, she could no longer travel to the location where her husband wanted to have his ashes scattered. She was further along in age and further declined in physical ability than what would allow her to travel with him back to England. We took Mr. Young to England and scattered his remains where his wife requested, at Stonehenge due to the close proximity to his home as a child.

Upon our return from scattering, we sent all of our photos and documents detailing the ash scattering to Mrs. Young, which promptly came back to us as undelivered. All of our attempts to reach Mrs. Young proved unsuccessful, and we later learned she had passed too. At the end of her life, Mrs. Young was able to fulfill her husband's final wishes even though she could not physically perform the scattering. Keeping her husband close to her for 11 years may have been by design or may have been due to a myriad of other reasons/circumstances. Regardless of the time that went by, providing closure for families is what we do best!

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