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A society member's charming and heartfelt approach to scattering ashes in Ireland.

Traveling with ashes

What a beautiful morning Joan and I had driving to Tara. It was one of those still, crisp, frosty and sunny Winter days. It is about 23 miles from home. The Hill Of Tara is not very high at maybe 3-400 feet, but is quite prominent in the rich, flat farmland of Meath. I chatted to her on the way, describing the sights as we passed them.

When we reached the summit, there was not another soul there except Joan and I. The ground was frosted hard and our only company was a flock of sheep nibbling at the grass.

I walked the Hill with Joan, explaining all that we were seeing. All the time looking for the right place in which to let her finally rest. Then I saw a low, long seat facing East into the Rising Sun. It is literally the only place on the Hill that a person can sit down and rest. I felt it was the right place to lay Joan to rest too. So, I spread Joan’s ashes in a wide circle all around this seat. I Said a few prayers with her, and recited the Epitaph that is written on W.B. Yeats Grave in Sligo;

Look Cold on Life,

On death,

Horseman, pass by.”

I said my goodbyes and headed for home, past the sheep and frost, on the beautiful, Sunny Hill of Tara on this day, Friday, 17 December 2010.

I hope her Family will be content that I looked after her, and treated her with courtesy and dignity.

I found it a profoundly moving experience, and I was very glad I was involved.

Hill of Tara, ash scattering in Ireland

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