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An Irish ash scattering for mom...

Ash Scattering in Ireland

Just over 10 years ago, we talked with a gentleman who wished to return his mother to Ireland, to locations where they had traveled together and created cherished memories. When he spoke of Ireland and the places they had seen; driving the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, kissing the Blarney Stone and all the variations of the color green throughout the countryside, as he spoke we could picture it all.

We were still a fledgling company and our ash scatterings had been done only in the United States at that time. First we were contacted by the executor of an estate who hired us to complete the final wishes of a former client and his wife. Second, we were hired by a daughter whose mother had passed years before and wished her to be scattered on the other side of the country where no relatives or friends lived. Now we were dealing with someone whose loved one passed recently and who had details to stories and shared them with us candidly, so we were curious as to why he would chose to hand this task off to us and not participate or be present himself. The theories we came up with were pretty pathetic and didn't make much sense, after all he was so passionate about the time they had spent there, the love he felt for her was evident. Eventually we asked him directly if he didn't wish to participate in the scattering, to which he replied, " We had such lovely times there, they are among my happiest memories of her, I know that she wants to be there, resting in Ireland... I just don't want to return there and see those places we loved, without her next to me. I thank you for making this possible, I don't know how I would have done this without your help."

Ireland seems to hold a spell over all who visit, creating such beautiful memories that they are drawn back again and again. This was our first ash scattering in Ireland but absolutely not our last.

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