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Scattering....a love story!

Ash scattering at sea

Ash Scattering, the ultimate final act of love. One can rightly guess that this must be the very definition of love; to carry out the final wishes of someone dear to them. Love between siblings, parents, partners and children or love between the dearest life long friends. Often times the vision of scattering is a final ceremony and ashes placed in "the" perfect location that captures the essence of who that person was, or at least that is what it used to be... Ash scatterings more often than not are complex like person being scattered. We don't just like one type of music, movie or method of relaxation. We haven't lived in one location all our life, we have traveled domestically and internationally and we may have more than one spouse with children from multiple partners. How does that scattering ceremony happen - where is "the" perfect spot and who is in attendance?

Ash scattering Ireland

With the exception of scattering in public places or without permission on private land, there are few hard and fast rules about scatterings, ceremonies, when, where and how to do this. For some families - ashes may be divided between members to be kept, scattered or interred independently. There have been spouses who have taken their loved one's remains around the world, leaving a small amount of them everywhere they travel. Some families divide the ashes, each scattering in a location and at a time that is most important to them, where they shared the most special times together. The perfect location and the perfect manner is one that keeps that person in your heart and fulfills their wishes. Families and friends are most often who carries out these wishes, although sometimes they need help and this is where and when International Scattering Society can help. For the trips that are too strenuous for aged bodies or the location that is too poignant to bear, for the task that has remained undone for too long or the barriers of language and custom, we are here for you.

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