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Scatter me to the winds...

Mountainside ash acattering by International Scattering Society at Sandia Peak, NM

Ash scattering conjures many varied images, from families gathered in a park to scattering gardens at local cemetery to the edge of cliffs where winds whip at all directions. How ash scattering takes place is as conservative or outrageous as the individual being scattered and so are the options for how to complete the ash scattering. There are ash scatterings at sea; ash scatterings by air such as by plane, weather balloon, or rocket to the topmost level of our atmosphere; ash scatterings by fireworks and ash scatterings by drone. At International Scattering Society, we want to help families achieve the type of service that best meets their needs, the wishes of their loved one and provide them with the closure they are looking for.

Veteran's ash scattering at Normandy Beach, France

Locations for scattering are another consideration and often times can seem difficult to attain. Despite the ease of global travel and communication, fulfilling wishes for final resting places can require assistance. Working with pilots, boat captains and society members around the world providing scattering in a small town of 350 in the French Alps or offering a WWII veteran a resting place along side their fallen brothers at Normandy Beach, is something International Scattering Society can do. The birthplace of a great grandmother or the return to the location that forever changed a person and the tide of events in the world is the type of personalized service at which we excel.

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