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Talking about end of life matters!

Talking about end of life matters.

Most people don't like to talk about the end of their life, it can be sobering, depressing and maybe a little scary. However, discussing final arrangements and talking about wishes for a final resting place are as important as setting up someone to make healthcare or financial decisions, Advance Directives, in case something happens where you can't make the decisions for yourself.


  • Do you want burial or cremation?

  • Do you want an obituary?

  • Do you want a funeral service, rosary or celebration of life?

  • Do you want your cremated remains interred in a burial plot, niche in a columbarium or scattered?

While these topics can be difficult sometimes to have or even start, often times they lead to reminiscing, sharing family history or stories and help to create deeper connections with each other. Write down what is shared, record it in some manner and place in an area for important information, so it may be retrieved at the appropriate time. Creating a space and time to have these types of talks can begin with a simple reference to perhaps a celebrity's recent passing or an article recently read or even a simple blog you have run across.

Here are links regarding Advanced Directives, Caring Conversations and Advanced Scattering Requests

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