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Traveling with ashes or cremated remains

Hawaii Ash Scattering

Aunt Ethel grew up in Iowa on a farm. She was one of 6 children, she worked the land, had an affinity toward animals and all the beauty that is within nature. She lived her whole life within 150 miles of where she was born, all the while dreaming of seeing palm trees, mountains, volcanoes and the ocean. Ethel's favorite desserts had one consistent ingredient, pineapple! When Ethel passed away, her children knew that cremation was what she wanted for herself and then took the next step to honor her and the dreams she had yet to fulfill. Ash scattering in Hawaii was the perfect solution and provided the family with the ultimate destination family reunion.

Getting Aunt Ethel to Hawaii at this point is pretty easy but here are some guidelines:

Temporary container for ashes
  • Cremated remains should be packed in a container that can pass through the x-ray at the airport.

  • A copy of the death certificate and certificate of cremation should accompany the ashes.

  • Cremated remains can be packed in carry-on or in checked luggage ( personally I would recommend keeping the remains close to me to avoid mishaps with lost luggage and therefore carried on).

  • Allow extra time at the airport for ashes to be scanned separately. See the TSA guidelines for additional information.

When Aunt Ethel arrives in Hawaii and plans are made for scattering, make sure that the location for scattering has no prohibitions, is not private property and that any guidelines such as distance from shore or proximity to watershed areas are being observed.

For additional assistance with local laws, consult local authorities or send a request to International Scattering Society.

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