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Just what are the laws pertaining to ash scattering?


  • PERMISSION: Probably the most important thing to know about where have an ash scattering is: Permission! Seeking permission for an ash scattering in a particular location is probably the top consideration for anyone seeking to scatter their loved one's remains. 


  • U.S. laws not all the same:  In some locations there are no prohibitions, in others there are requirements to obtain a permit or notify the local city clerk.


  • Broad Rule of Thumb: In general here in the U.S. the broad rule of thumb has been that ash scattering is permitted, if the location is public, uninhabitated land or with the land owner's permission if it is private land.


  • Canada and Mexico: Typically Canada and Mexico have fewer regulations however, to be safe, still follow the broad rule of thumb. 


  • Italy: Of particular note, Italy only allows ash scattering at a particular location in Venice.  The city will collect a fee which is higher for foreigner's than for locals, in 2010 the fee was near 350 Euro.


  • Germany:  Until recently, Germany did not allow ash scattering anywhere within its borders.  One should remember that here in the U.S. we are accustomed to being able to have in our possession the cremated remains of our loved ones, while in other countries only the funeral home and cemetery are permitted to oversee placement of remains in their final location.


If you are unsure, contact us, we are happy to help!

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